Promote Your Blog Here; Blog Party #4!


Hello everybody! I recently got back into blogging so I thought what better way to promote this blog and help others than a blog party?

Here are the rules:

1. Choose any one of your favorite blog posts from your own blog, all kinds of posts are welcome. (Anything inappropriate will be removed). You can share up to three links each day, but it’s best to wait some time between each one.

2. Paste your link in the comment section of this post and tell a little bit about yourself and/or your blog.

3. REBLOG this post to let everyone know!!

4. Now grab a fuzzy blanket and get ready to read more blogs and meet new bloggers!!

This blog party will run from today until Wednesday at 12:00 am EST. I look forward to reading all your comments and meeting new blogs! Have fun and be sure to follow this one if you havent already! And follow my Instagram @madebybernadine !

117 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi, I am a freelancing news editor who likes to read and write and hence one of the things I love to do is blogging.
    I am really glad to be part of this blog party and am sharing a few posts from my blog Towards A Better Life which I have recently created (its’ just a one-month-old baby). The blog is a curated collection of articles to help you enhance andenrich your life. So, here are my articles:

    More than 5 Healthy Breakfast Sandwich recipes with key nutrients

    How to be happier while working from home during the pandemic

    Scientists Find 3 Ways a Mother’s Support Benefits Her Kids Over a Lifetime

    Thanks. Have a good day.

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  2. Hi, my blog is about anything really that is in any way uplifting.

    All the best to everyone and thank you Bernadine for your help.

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  3. Jort says:

    My website is: LeerOnlineNederlands
    Students can practice their Dutch for free there.

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  4. Hello everyone here’s my post and merry Christmas to everyone

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  5. bestofwrite says:

    Check out my blog, BestOfWrite, at Subscribe to my newsletter to receive weekly articles of varying topics, from all around the world!

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  6. Hi! Come collaborate, like, subscribe, share with friends or network!! If you love fashion, lifestyle and habits you will LOVE this blog ❤️ promise.

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  7. valderramasanz says:

    If anyone is interested in politics, specificaly conservative but open to all, I have a new publisher open in


  8. valderramasanz says:

    If anyone is interested in politics, specificaly conservative but open to all, I have a new publisher open in


  9. kamsiii says:

    Hey, I’m Kamsi a student writer. I’m using this blog to improve my writing skills, I would like to know what you think

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    Hey! Feel free too stop by for All things Natural remedies and lifestyle! Feel free to leave a comment in any post you like and I’ll do the same! Take care! 🙂

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  11. Hey everyone! This is Umar. Hope you all are doing fine. Well, i have written a blog, hope you read it. And if you like it, do try to spread it, would mean a lot. Here’s the link:


  12. Hello,I am Arjela and this is my blog.I hope you like it and follow…


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