Promote Your Blog Here; Blog Party #4!

Hello everybody! I recently got back into blogging so I thought what better way to promote this blog and help others than a blog party?

Here are the rules:

1. Choose any one of your favorite blog posts from your own blog, all kinds of posts are welcome. (Anything inappropriate will be removed). You can share up to three links each day, but it’s best to wait some time between each one.

2. Paste your link in the comment section of this post and tell a little bit about yourself and/or your blog.

3. REBLOG this post to let everyone know!!

4. Now grab a fuzzy blanket and get ready to read more blogs and meet new bloggers!!

This blog party will run from today until Wednesday at 12:00 am EST. I look forward to reading all your comments and meeting new blogs! Have fun and be sure to follow this one if you havent already! And follow my Instagram @madebybernadine !

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Hi! My name is Bernadine and I love sharing my recipes with others; hope you enjoy your time here and follow my website for frequent recipes! My Instagram @madebybernadine is where you can find more posts. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

98 thoughts on “Promote Your Blog Here; Blog Party #4!

  1. Hi, everyone! I’m Rita. I’m a mother of four, US born and bred, abuse survivor, Christian, gluten and dairy free blogger at I’d love to put my post “The Warrior” on, but I can’t figure out how to do that. I’ve hyperlinked before, but it’s not getting me anywhere now. Help!

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  2. In August 2020 I turned 40 and I’m really excited about this decade and all it has to bring. I created this blog for myself because I want to build a platform that will help me manifest the life I want to live. I’m not on some health kick but I’m trying to be more mindful of the way I live life, how I treat my body and people around me. I’m planning on being candid so not everything I post will be about living this perfect life. I’m unapologetically human. Follow me on Instagram @tam33ks.

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  3. Thank you Bernadine for the invite! I can remember being influenced as a kid watching Jacques Pépin and being amazed by the way he worked in the kitchen. My main interests for this site are classic styles of european cooking and coffee. I’ve never worked professionally as a cook or chef, but I have always enjoyed cooking at home for my family and as a perfectionist, I’m always trying to improve myself. One day the thought came about that maybe by starting a website like this that it may help somebody find something they were looking for. Especially in these times where we can’t safely go out as often and we are all cooking more at home. I’ve enjoyed going through the links in the previous comments, and please feel free to have a look at my latest post here Thank you!

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  4. I’m Greg. My blog is a continuing story set in 1996 about a university student making his way in the world and trying the best he can to figure out life.

    My most viewed post was this one:

    My most recent post is this one, which actually concludes a specific story arc that the most viewed post was part of:

    And my personal favorite:
    part 1:
    part 2:

    And if you have several hours free, this was the beginning of the story, so you can always start here and keep clicking Next:

    Thanks for the invite!

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  5. Hi, This is Smitha from Smithasbakelove. I love to bake healthy and yummy stuff for my family and often feature them on my blog. Cakes are my second love in baking category. Making simple but elegant cakes is what I try to achieve with my cake designs. If there is one item I could not stop eating, its Almond Biscotti! Check out the recipe on my blog.

    Bernadine- Thank you for hosting this blog party. It is such a sweet way to meet other bloggers and see their work. I appreciate it so much. (Reblogged)

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  6. Hey everyone! I have a book blog (trouvaille reads) where I write book reviews or about anything bookish and I sometimes write movie reviews or just random thoughts I have. My favourite post was quite difficult to choose, but my book review on Normal People by Sally Rooney is my favourite at the moment. Here is the link:

    Thank you Bernadine for this ! Amazing idea ❤

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    Hello!! I’m Millay from Millay’sMusings. I am a Christian woman reviewing books for all you book lovers! I started my book blog not very long ago, but have been having a lot of fun reviewing/recommending books, doing book tags, and connecting with other book worms on the blogosphere. My reviews mostly consist of YA and middle-grade books, although you can also find a few non-fictional adult books. I started my blog to recommend good (or bad books) to all kinds of people. With this ever-changing world it can be hard to find quality, clean, and entertaining literature for not only adults but children too. I linked to two of my posts (I hope that is okay) in this comment. One is a review and the other a book tag. I’d appreciate it if you went to check out my blog. Thanks for reading! God bless! xoxo

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  8. Hello! This is a really great idea!!

    I’m Evin- a tween who loves rambling, reading, Blogging, gaming and lots more.
    I am an introvert irl and an extrovert in the blogosphere – I love making new friends! I run 2 blogs on my own, and I contribute to 2 other Collab blogs😊

    My main blog is called “A curly sue’s ramblings” (

    And my side blog is called “A wanderful life” (

    My Collab blog is “Out in the randomness” (

    And lastly, the all new Collab blog that was just started a week ago is “Living the Blogging Life” (

    My main blog is lifestyle, my side blog is a travel blog, the first Collab blog I mentioned is anything and everything and finally the last one is on Tips, tricks and advice on Blogging, designing etc.

    I hope you visit my blogs and follow! Looking forward to reading all of yours!! Have a nice day 😊
    ~Evin xx

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  9. Welcome back to blogging Bernadine! I followed you so I hope you stay here doing it longer, can’t wait to see your posts.

    In these random impressions, and with no desire to be other than random, I indifferently narrate my factless autobiography, my lifeless history. These are my confessions, and if in them I say nothing, it’s because I have nothing to say. – Fernando Pessoa

    This sums up what the blog is about. Like Pessoa was able to put words to my thoughts, I hope I can do the same for you.

    Here’s the link to my latest post:

    Hope you like it!

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  10. Hey,
    I love this idea….
    I’m E, I blog about my life, and share Friday Kindness posts and Sunday Sunshine posts. Mostly from instagram.
    My favourite post at the moment is
    It’s not my favourite necessarily because I like it the best, but rather it’s the post I want to share with the world. I’ve reread it a few times recently when I was suicidal and it helped me to read it again.
    I’m behind on all the blogs I follow since my headspace is going to just living but being that tagged you I had to check it out…
    Happy blogging!

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  11. Hi I am Aarushi from LITTLE CHEF’S APRON….. my blog is all about my cooking and baking recipes share with everyone all around the world. I am new at blogging and started about 2 months ago. I am 13 years old with studies, blogging, and cooking going on. Thanks a lot for sharing this and I’m very happy to participate.
    This lockdown had caught me completely with trying out new things. I really look forward to reading your blogs and do stop by!🙃🙃
    This is the link to my favourite recipe:
    I really hope that you guys have a fun time reading my blog and good luck with your blog! Bon Appetit’!

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