Welcome to the MadeByBernadine menu! This menu consists of various cookies, brownies, blondies and more! Take a look and you’ll be sure to find something you like.


Browned Butter Chocolate Chip
The classic chocolate chip cookie with the delicious twist of browned butter.
PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (GF)
The classic peanut butter cookie studded with chocolate chips, and bonus- its gluten free.
PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Oatmeal Raisin
Soft and chewy brown sugar cookies with old fashioned oats and plump raisins.
PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Birthday Cake
The perfect cookie for any celebration, filled with white chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles.
PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Fudge Brownie

These cookies give your the best of both worlds- chewy and fudgey at the same time, it’s like eating a brownie in cookie form.

PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Not just for the holidays, this cookie is chewy, beautifully spiced, and rolled in sugar as a final touch.
PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Say hello to your new favorite way to enjoy s’mores- this brown sugar cookie is filled with chocolate chips and crushed graham crackers, finished off with a marshmallow center. (And might I add, it’s a family favorite).
PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Brownies & Blondies

Classic Fudge Brownie
The classic fudge brownie- you just can’t go wrong with that.
PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Peanut Butter Swirl Brownie
Fudge Brownies swirled with peanut butter.
PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Oreo Brownie
Fudge brownies filled and topped with everyone’s favorite cookie- Oreos!
PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Cinnamon Roll Blondie

Brown sugar cookie bar swirled with cinnamon sugar and topped with cream cheese icing.

PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

S’mores Brownie
Fudge brownies topped with graham crackers and toasted marshmallows.
PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Caramel Apple Blondie

Brown sugar cookie bar filled with apple pie filling and topped with caramel sauce.

PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Chocolate Chip Blondie
The delicious flavor of a chocolate chip cookie in bar form.
PRICE: 3/$5 | 10/$15 | 15/$20

Loaves & Extras

Banana Bread
The quintessential quick-bread, this banana bread is deliciously soft and bursting with banana flavor.
PRICE: $14/ per loaf

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
How to make a delicious banana bread better? Add chocolate chips!
PRICE: $14/ per loaf

Lemon Drizzle Cake
A bright lemon loaf cake topped with a powdered sugar glaze.
PRICE: $14/ per loaf

Marble Cake
Vanilla and chocolate cake batter both swirled together in one loaf.
PRICE: $14/ per loaf

Cinnamon Rolls

Yeasted rolls filled with a delicious cinnamon sugar spread and topped with cream cheese frosting.

PRICE: 6/$12 | 12/$18

Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake
Perfect for breakfast, this coffee cake is swirled with cinnamon and topped with streusel.
PRICE: $14/ per loaf

Blueberry Muffin Cake
Brown sugar loaf cake filled with fresh blueberries and topped with sparkling sugar; this loaf will remind you of a blueberry muffin!
PRICE: $14/ per loaf

All items are made fresh to order.